~ An Hour With You~

Samantha, you light up my day,
You've always had a special way
Of bringing such joy into my life
You are my heart's delight!

It's as if you can read my mind,
Yes, you're one of a kind!
Each evening you greet me
With such glee!

In your eyes I am a Queen,
And to you I am everything!
You look at me, your eyes so inquisitive.
You decorate my life and make it so festive.

We have been through so much,
But I've always had your trust.
You've lavished me with all your love
Have been faithful over and above.

You are slowing down a bit now,
But sweet Lady you still know how
To charm me as though with a smile,
Knowing you have my heart all the while.

My hearts full of love for you,
And your love for me is so true
I want you to know this, my sweet,
Your love has made my life complete.


Samantha is Jess and Teresa's dog,
(Grandson and his Wife)
And Jess has had her for around 10
years. Long before he married.
She is all of this to them and
probably more.


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Music: "I Love You Just the Way You Are (Billy Joel) "
Bob Mace Midi Page
Sequenced By: Bob Mace
Used With Permission

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