~An Hour With You~


Rose Fairy

A Rose Fairy sitting on the moon
Watching for spring thatís coming soon
Looking for the pretty birds flying home
On a wing and a prayer

Watching for the spring flowers
That pops up in the thin air
With the lovely colors lavender, pink
Flowers coming up everywhere

Grass becoming a brilliant green
Lovely butterflies starting flight
In colors of lavender, blue and black
Flitting from one spring flower to another

Waiting for the roses to begin to bloom
So they can see the beautiful Rose Fairy
Fly down from her place on the moon
To sprinkle her fairy dust on the roses

Flying down to earth from the moon
In her beautiful blue and lavender gown
With lovely long silky brown hair
And bonnie sparkling green eyes

For she loves the beauty of roses
So she sprinkles them with gold dust
That is why she is called the Rose Fairy
For her great love of Godís roses

©Donna Kramer
Feb. 23, 2005






Music: Colors Of The Wind

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Granted


Assembled By: Donna