~ An Hour With You~

The old rocking chair,
Moves gently in the wind,
My mind recalls you rocking,
It was your favorite place back then.

I can see your silver hair,
Glistening in the sun's light,
Sewing basket sitting nearby,
Busy hands, what a wonderful sight.

Grandpa walking up the steps,
Giving you a soft, flashing smile,
Your answer to him, a childish grin,
Knowing hearts endured many trials.

If only it were a reality, the sight of you,
Rocking as you worked ever so diligently,
Instead of sweet memories brought to light,
By the gentle summer breeze blowing steadily.

You are much admired, my darling grandma,
Loving arms have held me many a night,
When I was fearful, sick, or just lonely,
You always seemed to make things alright.

I look at the Rocking Chair's movement,
Wondering, in my mind's rambling way,
Did I get a brief scent of your favorite perfume,
Did God send me an angelic memory today?

Gayle Davis
February 23, 2005

Image : Michael Humphries

Graphics by Cathie Designs

Music: "Precious Memories"
Dick Anderson's Country Midi Guitar
Sequenced by Dick Anderson
Used With Permission