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This work of art is titled " Red Head"©

Regal Royalty

A Princess I do see
In all of her royalty!
Regal and aloof
Holds herself in truth!

Stands in all her beauty,
Realizing her duties
That lie in wait for her
Which in time will occur.

Gone are wishful dreams
Obligations is all it seems,
That's in store for her
And they do not alter.

Yes a beauty rare to behold.
Her future does unfold.
Will wed a man chosen for her
Without love at the altar.

Her life mapped from birth
A line to walk on this earth.
From Princess to a Queen,
Laying aside her dreams.


Esther 2: 17
And the king loved Esther
above all the women, and she
obtained grace and favour in
his sight more than all the
virgins; so that he set the
royal crown upon her head,
and made her queen
instead of Vashti.

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Music: "Glorious"©
Original by Jalal Ali *Jalal's Musical Compositions
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
Used With Permission