~An Hour With You~

The beauty of the color of purple
Radiates out a feeling of peace
Of a spiritual nature and creativity
Connecting with ones inner self

Allowing a feeling of completeness
Purple the color next to pure white
Gives an aura of kindness and gentleness
Of love for God, Jesus and fellowman

Purple tells a story of ones
Inner strengths and weaknesses
Most people who love purple
Radiate out feeling of pure love

Creativity like painting, reading
And developing spiritual growth
Writing poems from the inner being
To show their true love of God

Showing love for a favorite color
Tells the story of the inner soul
For every color has a meaning
As does the Purple Beauty

©Donna J. Kramer
Jan 23, 2005



Music: Dreams

Permission Granted
By: Margi Harrell

Assembled By: Donna