~ An Hour With You~

Praises To My King

Jesus You hung the moon in the sky
And a firmament You did apply.
Yes all the stars, the sun, and the moon,
And with each other they are in tune.

Praises and Glory to You, my King,
With my voice, and in my spirit I will always sing
And give honor to You for the wonders of creation
You have abundantly given us from nation to nation.

From heaven to earth and in between
From sea to sea and everything that's seen.
All we will ever need, You have given to us,
And everything You have given is wondrous!

Praise You Lord for hanging the moon,
For putting the sun and the stars in the sky.
They twinkle so beautifully as they shine
My Lord You've been so gracious and kind!

Genesis: 1~16
And God made two great lights; the
greater light to rule the day, and the
lesser light to rule the night: he made
the stars also.



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Artwork:  Clytie
by Lord Frederick Leighton

Color Scroll Bar Script
  Courtesy of:

Music: "Your Love Is Sweeter Than Wine"

By: Susan Tolle-Knight
Used With Permission