~An Hour With You~


Please don't go and leave me,
My little heart just aches,
I try to hold back the tears,
But inside my heart breaks.

I am supposed to be a big girl,
Not let anyone see me cry,
But when you leave me alone,
It is useless for me to try.

I am afraid in new surroundings,
What will happen to me this time,
They told me I would be safe and sound,
But they weren't really very kind.

I was put to bed without supper,
Locked in a closet most of the day,
I was not allowed to go outside,
No one would let me play.

I guess they thought someone might see,
The bruises on my little frame,
It does not matter anymore,
My life is nothing but shame.

Please don't go and leave me,
Why can't you just stay,
I did not tell what you did,
Not one word did I say.

I don't like to live with strangers,
It's the money that makes them want me,
I would love to be held and needed,
Yet I have learned it is not to be.

I am begging you please don't go,
Don't leave me standing here,
Oh what am I supposed to do,
My life is filled with fear.

It is the same as last time,
You make promises you don't keep,
When the lights are turned down low,
Then me and the guardian angels weep.

I may as well not have been born,
Better off I would surely be,
I wish I were a pretty angel,
Then heaven would welcome me.

Gayle Davisİ
February 21, 2005



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Music: "Don't Go"
Visit Yuko Ohigashi Plays Solo Piano
Original Composition By Yuko Ohigashi
Used With Permission

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