~ An Hour With You~

Palm Sunday

Palm branches waving in the air,
Flowers and robes strewn everywhere,
Everyone shouting with unbridled glee.
Jesus is coming, oh Yes it is He !!!!

Hosanna, Hosanna to our Glorious King
We honor, we worship Him~~~He’s everything !!!!
Praising His Name~~~ all others above.
His Healing Touch, and His Merciful Love.

Shouting and crying and singing His Praise,
Yet it would be only a very few days,
The shouts would turn angry, be so full of hate
They would lead Him to Calvary just outside the gate.

Beaten and spit upon, battered and bruised,
Carrying a wooden cross full of sin and abuse,
Angels could have rescued Him if He had asked
His Love held Him on that cross, held Him fast.

Lovingly, willingly He hung there you see,
Bearing the sin that was too much for me.
Only His Goodness, His Omnipotence, His Peace
Could save me and bring me this total release.

Hosanna, Hosanna, Singing Praise to our King.
Forgiven, redeemed, He is my everything.
Praising His Name for thousands of Days.
Our Heavenly Father inhabits our Praise.



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Music: "We Worship You"
Grace Street Music
Words And Music by John Torres
Used With Permission