~ An Hour With You~

That golden orb on treetop sets
among faint clouds in starlit skies.
It beckons child come out to play,
to let loose the aged grown-up ties.

Why is it that the now-full moon
with shining face and harvest tones
brings out the playful girl in me
whose hidden face is rarely shown?

Expectancy awakens in this light!
Ribboned bonnet and laced dress
dance atop the dewy grass
as pale moonlight guides her joyous steps.

She frolics ‘neath the amber glow,
that child who now her freedom’s found,
chasing stars and fireflies,
imagination knows no bound.

Inhibition nonexistent
in this little girl at play
She lifts unfettered her tender face,
drinking in the moon’s full gaze.

Playful child so full of life
dance and spin on pointed toe
as though fountain from ground has sprung
unleashed, gushing water flow.

O beautiful sight in God’s richest heaven,
O full moon shining in this night,
skin does tingle with expectation
when basking in your gentle light!

Tomorrow’s sun will surely bring
this childish frolic to an end.
That girl inside me will hide her face
until you wake her...
Dear Moon, please wake her...
'Til she wakes to dance with you again.

 Tracy M. Ries
Copyright © Oct 2003




Midi playing "If I Were Free" By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.