~An Hour With You~

Night Angel

Beautiful lovely Night Angel
Flying swiftly through the dark
Protecting all Godís faithful people
Who needs her care late at night

Marvelous Angel all dressed in white
Lovely brown hair with a golden halo
Upon her precious beautiful head
Blue eyes the color of the ocean

With a brilliant lovely smile
That lights up even the night
Sitting by your bed, as you pray
In case you need her to comfort you

The Beautiful Night Angel
Is sent from God to protect you
Throughout the whole night
Until the dawn appears

Then it is time for Angel Rose
The day Angel to protect you
Thought out the day

©Donna Kramer
Feb. 21, 2005


Your Love Surrounds Me

By: Russell Adams and Steve Israel
Permission Granted


Assembled By: Donna

Webmistress~Lady Gayle