~An Hour With You~


My Valentine, I Love You

Bearly ever have the time
To tell just how sweet you are
You hold this little special place
Right here in this old heart of mine

On, this special Valentines day
I really would like to say
Youíve always been so kind to me
Protected me in every way

Given me respect and kindness
Always put me first in every way
Iím giving you a big Valentines kiss
To show you how very much I care

My darling sweet Husband
You are so very special
Special in every way
Hope you have a beary, beary

Happy Valentineís Day
Filled with all your hopes and dreams
My sweet little Darling Cuddle Bear
My Valentine I love you

©Donna J. Kramer
Jan. 31, 2005







Tubes from this set are from

Jane's Country Tole

and Outlaw By Design

Music: The Greatest Love Of All

Sequenced By:Jack Hall
Permission Granted



Assembled By: Donna