~An Hour With You~

With You Lord, new miracles exist,
And Your wonders never cease,
Miracles of new life bring sweet joy,
And Your Love releases peace.

We welcome You as our Lord of Lords,
Our Savior and King of Kings,
Youíre beautiful and Godís Gift of Grace,
Your everlasting life sings.

With You Lord, new miracles spring forth,
Sweet preciousness of healings,
When asking in prayer and believing,
We receive Your revealings.

Awesome manifestations arise,
The Divine touches of You,
Wonderful, priceless is Your Virtue,
Once more lives are made all new.

With You Lord, new miracles bud blooms,
Loving You flows through and through,
Then wells as Your Blood was shed for all,
To root, bud, and flower too.

We love You Jesus and give Your Love,
Sprinkling seeds to ever bud,
Your Love's power of the Cross pouring,
You, living waters and blood.

©Sondra McPherson
February 25, 2005

Midi playing "Your Love" By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.