~An Hour With You~

Love and Laughter

True love is a marvelous thing
Usually only found once in a lifetime
A gift given to two lucky people
To build a lifetime of dreams

Love though is not enough
To bring total happiness
Into the lives of the two lovers
For along with love has to be laughter

Laughter along with love
Gives total happiness and confidence
For laughter beings joy and happiness
Into the lives of the two lovers

Without laughter, love may falter
Change into a feeling of abandonment
Filling both lovers with sorrow and pain
At the most precious time of their lives

Marriages without laughter and fun
Will gradually weaken and fall apart
For without some laughter in life
True love will never survive

Love should always be surrounded
With love, understanding and joy
But mostly with love and laughter
For joy makes true love last an eternity

Donna Kramer
March 9, 2005





Music: Always

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Granted



Assembled By: Donna