~ An Hour With You~

Lord, Forgive~~So Ashamed

Sitting in my chair, in the early morning hours, I fumed about the
Fact that there was nothing on TV~~~~~at 3:00 a.m.

And then suddenly, and without any effort on my part,
Pictures of the Tsunami victims, genocide in the Sudan,
And starving or homeless people came into my mind,
And I was so ashamed.

So Ashamed

I take things so “for granted” now
As though I have a special privilege,
Some “rite of passage” simply because
Of the nation where I live.

I need to count my Blessings, one-by-one,
And Praise the Lord each time,
For He has given me so very much,
I should be absolutely sublime.

I can walk without assistance,
While there are those who need some help,
I can go and cook a meal,
For I have food upon my shelf.

I am warm and comfy,
While the winds blow chilly air,
My medicine is close at hand,
And reminds me to say my prayers.

What right do I have to complain,
When there is “Nothing on TV”,
When there are those whose very lives
Are in dark jeopardy ???

Lord, Please forgive my brokenness,
My arrogance, my pride,
Let my gratitude be ALL You see
When You look into my eyes.

Strip me of my sinful ways,
And draw me closer to
The person You want me to be~~~~
Lord, make me more LIKE YOU !!!!





The painting used in this set is
© William Whitaker.
Used with permission.

Music: "Create In Me A Clean Heart"

Written By: Gilberto Barreto
new midi file by Denis Popopkin of Russia
Used With Permission