~ An Hour With You~

Living Love Anew

Many years have passed,
Since we met and fell in love,
The years have been kind,
Showered with blessings from above.

You still excite me with a smile,
A kiss plays havoc with my mind,
The way you look at me creates,
A sweet yearning so divine.

We are still so much in love,
As when we first met,
The best years of our lives,
We have not reached as yet.

I look at all the roses,
One for each passing year,
With each one comes a promise,
Our love will always endure.

Take my hand my darling,
Hold me close once more,
We can recap the best of times,
Passing through love's door.

I will follow you forever,
Our lives are bound anew,
Inside my heart there is only one,
It is the treasured love of you.

Gayle Davis©
January 17, 2005


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Music: "I'll Love You Forever"©

Original music By: Mel Webb©
Used With Permission