~ An Hour With You~




Lord, keep me humble
Don't let me get puffed
With pride....whatever
I have accomplished.....
Was because you were at
My side.....

You have led and guided me
Through a path, I know I'd
Never dare.....the only reason
That I went...... Was because
You were there

Whatever things that I do Jesus
It's you that deserves the praise
You said through you I can do
All things, my hands to you
I raise........

Don't let me forget the benefits
That you so generously give....
Health and prosperity, each day
That I live

Let me walk in wisdom...and in
Humbleness, as I go
Remembering that it comes from
The God that I love so!

Judith Johnson Kypta©
Copyright 2004



Music: "Fourth Biblical Sonata"
Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission