~ An Hour With You~

How the blood of Jesus wells streaming,
Yes God's Son sacrificed to save,
For only through Him rises new life,
Just for us, the Fatherís Love gave.

Knowing Godís Life is in Jesusí blood,
It cries mercy pleading for us,
A sweet powerful redeeming love,
Just for us, Love comes, Christ Jesus.

And all hearts are cleansed by Jesusí blood,
His everlasting love so lives,
The hallowed preciousness of our Lord,
Just for us, Love gives and forgives.

Remember the load of guilt and sin,
All Jesus carried for you and me,
How He cried out in agony when,
Just for us, Love was sin to free.

Thereís a song in my heart for Jesus,
For He's the sweetest Name of all,
And without Him I would be nothing,
Just for us, Love forever calls.

©Sondra McPherson
February 20, 2005

Music: "Jesus Calls Us"

By: Elton smith, Larry Holder and Steve Israel
Used With Permission