~ An Hour With You~

Jesus Paid My Cost

In the garden Jesus prayed,,
Tears of blood fell as He faced,
The future that was destined,
For all sinners saving grace.

The burdens my Lord carried,
Were so massive and profound,
Struggling to carry my cross,
He crumbled into the ground.

Encumbered by the sins,
Of a world filled with the lost,
He paid the ultimate sacrifice,
My Lord, how dear the cost.

The skies darkened overhead,
God turned His face away,
He could not bear to see His son,
Suffering in such a callous way.

Jesus carried our sins to His death,
He gave His life in remittance,
The way to Heaven was cleared that day,
All that is left is our repentance.

Gayle Davisİ
April 7, 2003



Music: "Lord Forever In Your Presence"

By Elton Smith, Norma Stephenson
And Larry Holder
Used With Permission