~ An Hour With You~

In The Stillness Of Night

In the stillness of night your breathing,
Keeps me mesmerized and I feel,
This wonderful world open to me,
Iím held spellbound by your appeal.

I'm breathless sighing in awe of you,
As I find you sleeping in peace,
I feel the rise of your beating heart,
My love for you will never cease.

In the stillness of night I'm entranced,
The wonders of you never end,
Even though youíre quietly resting,
Iím held spellbound with love you send.

As you move in a satisfied calm,
I still hear your breathing tones sound,
And it's silence voicing reflections,
My love for you is eíer inbound.

In the stillness of night watching you,
How my breathing begins to climb,
I canít resist my love for you now,
Iím held spellbound as if in time.

I lightly brush your lips with my kiss,
Gently you catch me in your arms,
And I feel such tenderness Ďbout you,
My love for you is all your charm.

©Sondra McPherson
January 27, 2005


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Music: "I Only Have Eyes For You" (Flamingos)
Sequenced By: Dan West
Used With Permission