~An Hour With You~



Imaginary Village


Imaginary Village, Cyberspace; the place where I reside,
Won’t you come and visit, please, do step inside.
Fast friends are all my neighbors, with them I truly share,
All the joys, and hopes, and fears of life, as I become more aware.

Lessons aren’t always easy at the school called ISU,
(Impossible Situations University, School of Hard Knocks, it’s true)
Professors there appear in every shape, and in every size,
They teach the lessons they have learned, and cannot be denied.

The town square is in the center of this imaginary place,
And every day you meet some one, whom you cannot replace,
Together, you travel down the road of understanding Peace,
And in that unconditional love, you can truly find release.

Little businesses are nestled all snuggly in a row,
From coffee shops to bakery, post office and depot.
Imaginary Village boasts more churches; yet they ALL agree,
They serve One Lord Jesus,
Though He might appear differently.

“Fruit of the Spirit”: goodness, gentleness, temperance, love,
Peace, Joy, Meekness, long-suffering, and Faith in God above,
Dwell within the souls of our Village’s inhabitants,
And shine like street lights through the town,
And every residence.

From every state, from every land, our residence reside,
Imaginary Village, Cyberspace: Please, won’t you come inside????
Share the JOY we DOUBLE here: SORROWS, too, are HALVED.
The welcome mat is always out, we all would be so glad

To welcome you within the fold, there’s really nothing you must face
All by yourself, for we are all the same here,
Simply sinners~~~~~~Saved by JESUS’ GRACE .







Music: "A Whole New World"
Diversi-Tune™ Midi
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission