~ An Hour With You~ 

I Can't Say Why


I can't say why such memories,
Of love with you still replay,
In my mind and heart I see us,
You, my love are here to stay.

Why I recall you days and nights,
But in the moonlight always,
Together walking hand in hand,
You, my love were all my days.

I can't say why I remember,
Love with you and yet I do,
Such warm nights under starlit skies,
You, my love had my heart too.

I look back on your smiling face,
And too the way you held me,
We danced to music that owned us,
You, my love with me I see.

I can't say why I have to dream,
Of love with you in the sand,
Walking in the rain together,
You, my love holding my hand.

In moments you just come to mind,
And I see us close once again,
We were the couple so in love,
You, my love I can't explain.

©Sondra McPherson
January 22, 2005



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Rain script courtesy of Dynamic Drive

Music: "Ebb Tide" Lenny Welch
Wild West Midis To go
Sequenced By: Dan West
Used With Permission