~ An Hour With You~

How Long Till You Get Here ?

Just a simple question
Coming straight from my heart.
I see the suffering all around me
And then the tear drops start.

How long can You tarry
Knowing what we have to bare?
Murders tearing at the heart-strings
Of blessed saints~~~ do You still care?

What words would You have me offer?
What prayer expressed to You?
Where is the Holy Spirit's Proffer
Of a peace that's pure and true?

When my soul is sorely troubled,
There is only one place I can go
To find the strength to carry
All these sorrows, as tears flow.

Who shall separate us from Your love?
Shall tribulation, nakedness or sword,
Persecution, or peril or famine
Keep me away from my merciful lord?

No~~I am absolutely persuaded
That neither death, nor life, nor sins
Of evil powers and principalities
Can resist my love for Him

Who willing gave His life for us
And is risen, and again,
Will intercede on our behalf,
Vengeance is simply up to Him

So we will not be separated.
These things won't pull us apart,
For we have the love of Jesus Christ,
For He lives within our hearts.

So, from His word, I turn back to prayer
For my friends, whom I hold so dear
Asking Jesus to gently touch them all,
Taking away all dread and fear.

Let them rest within the shelter of
Your loving warm embrace
And infuse them with Your love,
Grant them peace~~~and Your grace.

Romans 8: 35 - 39

Graphics © 2003

Music: "The Storm "©

Written, Arranged and
Performed By: M. C. Shelly©
Used With Permission