~ An Hour With You~

Help Me Through A Storm


I see large waves billowing forth,
Surges whirl round fury's torments,
I lay open my heart Oh Lord,
Help me through a storm of laments.

I call on Thee Oh Lord for help,
I face a darkness thatís so black,
I know Your heart is full of woe,
Lift me up from this storm's attack.

The storm sweeps high and threatening,
Its curling waves spill over me,
I must break free just to survive,
Take hold and free my soul, I plea.

How these waves billow forth o'er me,
Tormenting whirls that endeavor,
To lower me in greater depths,
Iíll have no part, help me sever.

This storm of life wallows in me,
I have no peace nor can I sleep,
I lift my hand to You Oh Lord,
Raise me up, hold me close, I weep.

My handís in Yours Lord, our minds meld,
My focus is upon Your Face,
I Thank You Lord for helping me,
Through a storm by Your Own Embrace.

©Sondra McPherson
February 7, 2005


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