~ An Hour With You~

I know the scent of heaven,
The fragrance of my beloved King,
I detect the heavenly aroma,
When in prayer my voice doth ring.

It is heaven's scent upon my nostrils,
Actuating deep inside my soul,
Enticing a longing of forever,
In Jesus' presence I wish to behold.

The essence of my Precious Lord,
In a celestial garden lovingly flows,
Swaddles my heart in purity,
In heaven's divine peace it grows.

Heaven's scent encircles me,
Washing my sinful heart anew,
If you will dwell in God's garden,
Ethereal ambiances will flow o'er you.

Gayle Davisİ
January 29, 2005

Music: "Through You"

Words and Music By: Rhesa Siregar & Paul Gentry
Used With Permission