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      Heart Of Love      

Beautiful shiny red heart
Trimmed in a lovely shade of gold
A heart filled with Godís love
Showing a promise of pure devotion

God gave us each a gentle heart
Filled with beauty and softness
For our loved ones and fellowman
With the tenderness and love of a child

Some people have enormous hearts
That radiate out an abundance
Of unconditional love and prayer
That shines out from their very souls

Unselfishly sharing every ounce
Of their being, love and devotion
Showing the love of Jesus
In every single move they perform

Giving their hearts and souls freely
Not expecting or demanding
Or asking for anything in return
Showing only the beauty of total love

Showing the true beauty of the red heart
Trimmed in the lovely color of gold
The beautiful heart given by God
The true heart of love

©Donna Kramer
Feb 18, 2005


Quote: Saint Augustine
Love is the beauty of the soul








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