~ An Hour With You~

"Happy Valentine's Day...To My Love"

If I were to search the world Over
I don't think that I could find
A love as sweet as yours
You're truly…. One of a kind

Always there, considerate of me
Sure to comfort me with a hug
With that special twinkle in your eye
It still gives my heartstrings…. A tug

In many ways you show you care
I'm enchanted,with your charms
I so enjoy your humorous flare, and
The way you hold me in your arms

What I am saying to you…. My Love
Is forever our life's will entwine
So, I'm writing this poem to tell you
I'm so happy that you are…. Mine!

© Judith Johnson Kypta


Artwork:  Acme and Septimius
by Sir Frederick Leighton

Music: "Bonnie Kellswater"
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook
Irish Tune
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Used With Permission