~An Hour With You~


My beautiful Guardian Angel
She always dresses in white
With gold on her wings and halo
In her eyes a heavenly soft light

A smile which lights up her eyes
With a brilliant lovely light
A light which shines out Godís love
Through out everyday and night

She teaches me unconditional love
In a very tender, protective way
For God gave her a tender loving heart
So she can teach me to love and pray

For we each get one Guardian Angel
Given to us by God on our birth
To watch over us and protect us
From our first day to our very last

Hope you can see my Guardian Angel
She is a true beauty, I hope you can see
The love, beauty, compassion, and joy of life
My Guardian Angel has given to me

Donna Kramer
March 7, 2005



Set By: Heavenly Angel

Music: Ten Thousand Angels

By: Lynn Cooper
Permission Granted



Assembled by: Donna