~ An Hour With You~


Grandma's Legacy

Bowing down on bended knee,
I practice Grandma's Legacy.
For at her knee, I learned to pray,
And Thank my Savior,

For all that He has given me:
For mountains, flowers, raging sea,
For sunshine warm, and gentle
Or snow that piles up in
Drifts that freeze.

For eyes so blue, and ears to hear,
The words of love from those
So dear,
Goodness, gentleness,
Kindness too,
Are Grandma's Legacy
To you.

Now, I find, I'm getting old,
And Grandma's legacy is told
To my own grandchildren,
I have three,
We all bow down
On bended knee.

To Thank My Lord, for what
He's Done
In giving us His Only Son,
And Heaven's Promise,
Where we will see
My Beloved Grandma,
And her legacy.


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Music: "Memory (Piano - From Cats)"
Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files
Sequenced by: Bill Basham
Used With Permission