~ An Hour With You~ 


Look at Godís beauty how it glows,
Good shines in the darkness always,
The light of God is pearlescent,
Thriving and flying high all days.

Good we always share with others,
How it blesses bringing brightness,
Lifting our spirits the highest,
For the good shines through all darkness.

All throughout the night of shadows,
Even the loveliest of blooms,
Will compose their glow in stillness,
Good shines in the darkness of gloom.

Godís the fullness of love in hearts,
Giving joy is shining His Light,
To make that someone feel special,
For good shines in the darkness bright.

Such richness in gentle bouquets,
Delicate beauty within beams,
Orchids and tributes to the Lord,
Good shines in the darkness of dreams.

The power of Godís love thus shone,
Forever burns deep yet is sweet,
Hearts and flowers are His beauty,
Good shines in the darkness to greet.

©Sondra McPherson
February 24, 2005










Music: All Things Bright And Beautiful

Performed By: Margi Harrell
Used With Permission