~ An Hour With You~


 Greasy hamburgers,
Hotdogs with tore up buns,
A float with two straws,
Just having loads of fun.

Remembering the good old days,
Where innocence was the rage,
Bobby socks and poodle skirts,
Jobs with a minimum wage.

Duck tail hair for boys,
Ponytails for the girls,
A quick wink and a smile,
Sent many a heart in a whirl.

Leather jackets were the fad,
Smokes hidden in a rolled up sleeve,
Movie idols and pinup girls,
In life we really did believe.

Pile in a car and go for a cruise,
We were completely without a care,
A friend was indeed a friend,
Everyone was willing to share.

Playing hooky from school,
Skipping out on a semester test,
Nothing serious in our thoughts,
Life was simply lived in jest.

These were the good old days,
Wish I could return for a stay,
If I could live my life o'er again,
I would live it the same ole way.

Gayle Davis
January 14, 2005


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Music: "Fifties Medley"

Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Used With Permission