~ An Hour With You~

 God Speaks


God Speaks

God Speaks: In the colors of the trees
In the beautiful flowers
In the birds and the bees

God Speaks: In the clash of the thunder
In the spark of the lightning
In the dark, as I wonder

God Speaks: In the hour of our need
In the prayers that we say
In the hope that we are freed

God Speaks: In the path that we take
In the decisions that we choose
In the mistakes that we make

God Speaks: In the stars in the sky
In the echoes of our own mind
There's a special place for you and I

My dear friend, so loving & kind

Rosemary Anne (Befort) Shiever
January 1, 2000
Published Author & Poet/Artist


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Music: "Come Fill My Heart"

By Elton Smith, Larry Holder
And Steve Israel
Used With Permission