~ An Hour With You~

God So Loved The World

God so loved us that He gave,
His most precious Beloved Son,
The only One who could save,
Who willingly came, itís done.

For Jesus did freely give,
His All for us, All His Love,
Oh Yes we gained life to live,
Heavenly lifeís ours Above.

So Divine, the perfect price,
Unfading love just for us,
The ultimate sacrifice,
The Lamb of God, our Jesus.

See lilies of the valley,
Fragrant, sweet, purity glows,
And Loves' giving finale,
Resurrection life that flows.

Humble yet regal is He,
His compassion loves all days,
Ever loving us to free,
Keep Him in your heart always.

He's the fragrance of the rose,
Pure sweetness is Jesus' Love,
Our Lord's Love forever sows,
Love's perfection from Above.

Heís so beautiful to me,
Grace Him in your heartís favor,
For He's Love, our Life you see,
Oh grasp Love, He's our Savior,

©Sondra McPherson
February 23, 2005


Music: "Purified"©

By: Paul Gentry, LaVada Torzewski
Elton Smith & Larry Holder
Used With Permission