~ An Hour With You~

Planted in an earthly garden,
Flourished among thorns and weeds,
Growing in God's divine love daily,
Sweet essence fills numerous needs.

Projection of eternal life,
From the perfect rose was shown,
Giving off such blessed fragrance,
Unlike any e'er before known.

Yet the rose was uprooted,
Its blooms torn asunder,
The dying of the perfect rose,
Brought evil men to plunder.

The garden now in silence,
The perfect rose was gone,
Man killed the rose God gave,
God took His perfect rose home.

I hold a petal from the rose,
Keep it close to my heart with care,
I smell the sweet rose fragrance,
Daily its blessings I share.

Pick up a petal from the rose,
Keep it close to your heart,
When earth's garden is no more,
To heaven's home we'll depart.

Gayle Davisİ
March 23, 2005

Music: "He Did This For You"
Grace Street Music
Words And Music By: Bill Warg
Used With Permission