~ An Hour With You~


Furry Angel

God, would you keep her for me?
This furry child of mine?
I'm so lonesome since she went away,
They couldn't stop that car in time.

I watched it as it happened,
My heart was ripped from my chest,
Those memories still stir my soul.,
But memory of her love is best.

When she was just a little one,
In my jacket she would ride,
So I could keep her warm and safe.
She filled my soul with pride.

She loved to take a shower!!!!
My shampoo she'd always share,
I got as wet as she did!!!!!!!
But we didn't seem to care.

She loved to travel with us,
Or go on a fishing trip,
But when the weather got too hot
She'd lay under the fan a bit.

She loved to go to grandma's house
And she made almost every trip !
Grandma had the neatest treats,
And we went there quite a bit !

There's not a person in my family Lord
That doesn't miss her bark, her style,
God, would you keep her for me,
Till I get there in a while?

Thank You, Dear Lord, for keeping her
For she expressed to me
Her Loyalty, Her Faith, Her confidence--
How unconditional love should be.

I know she has joined my Angels,.
And will guide me through the years
Heaven's Gates will open one day for me
And I'll be smiling through my tears.


For Linda
In Honor of


Quote: "Happiness is a warm puppy!"
- Charles Shultz


Music Playing Is "Whisper In Time"

he Composition Is Copyright Geoff Anderson
And Used With Permission.