~ An Hour With You~


This gown of snowy white,
Yields the power to allure,
I am as God hath made me,
A symbol of love yet pure.

I sit in anticipation,
Thinking over my life,
I am preparing to become,
A trusting and loving wife.

From this day forward,
Till the end of time,
I will carry his heart,
As he will carry mine.

The man that asked my hand,
Has shown his love to be true,
We have received God's blessings,
We'll keep Christ in our view.

Under the divine umbrella,
Of sweet heavenly grace,
As we travel through life,
Our faith in God we place.

As I walk down the aisle,
My chosen to conjoin,
I come in blessed love,
In Christ I am adorned.

Gayle Davis©
March 5, 2005


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Midi playing "When Two Are One" By: Bruce Deboer
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Used with permission.
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