~ An Hour With You~


I come before you Lord Jesus,
Humbly upon my knees,
Desiring to be worthy of you,
Oh Lord, forgive me, I plea.

You take my hands in yours,
Compassionately you console,
I feel the Power of your Love,
It floods throughout my soul.

Oh Lord, how much you love me,
A child so lost and forlorn,
Deep in a state of penitence,
Through your love I was reborn.

The light of day filters in,
Where darkness had grown,
Sins had blackened my heart,
By Your Power they're gone.

You washed out the impurities,
Forever swept the sins away,
You blessed me my Beloved Savior,
Forgiving me of my sinful ways.

I love you my Precious Jesus,
My life you saved from despair,
Mold me to your choosing Lord,
Forever I am in your loving care.

ęGayle Davis
February 24, 2005






Music: "Hallelujah"

Original Songs by MidiSandy
Copyrighted" By: Sandra Bradley
Performed By: Sandra Bradley
Used With Permission