~An Hour With You~

In these eyes of aged years,
I still see you as an active little boy,
Racing around the house,
Playing with your toys.

Gathering up your fishing poles,
Going down to the creek,
Gonna catch a mess of fish,
You did this once a week.

Wandering along a narrow path,
Following a friend so dear,
Staying close to your buddy,
Always wanting the other near.

My precious little darling child,
I watched you grow into a man,
From the tiny tot upon my knee,
To an adult in full command.

I watch as you play with your son,
And memories quickly replay,
Your Daddy playing with you,
Seems like only yesterday.

You have reached a time in life,
Where you now fill the part,
Of a parent watching a child,
And love overwhelms the heart.

On day you too will walk,
In the path of memory lane,
Wishing with all your heart,
To live those days again.

I will e'er remember watching the child,
And the branches of life you've swung,
But in my heart today and evermore,
You'll continue to be..... Forever Young!

Gayle Davis©
March 5, 2005


Midi playing "Remember" By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.