~ An Hour With You~

Forever And Ever Amen


Like a newly planted seedling,
Stretching forth its roots,
Deep into the earth to anchor,
To become steadfast against,
The unknown perils of the environment.

Our love has grown as the seedling,
Our lives becoming as one,
To withstand the trials of time,
Adhering to one another for strength,
The bond we created with love is evident.

Stately and tall grows the tree,
Enhancing the beauty of its surroundings,
Giving shade to comfort lives seeking shelter,
Manifesting itself with usefulness,
While it stands straight and tall.

Our love too grows over the years,
Becoming as the stately old tree,
We enrich those whose lives intermingle,
By sharing our joy and servitude,
Helping others lives to be prospered.

The tree has withstood the test of time,
Remaining unscathed by the elements.
Holding strong to it grip upon the earth,
Moving with the wind, swaying in the breeze,
Giving of its self but maintaining its usefulness.

Thus has our love remained despite the years.
We have overcome obstacles, growing closer.
Our souls welding as one in the life we share,
Filled with love and devout faithfulness,
As we plod along the trails of life.

The tree is regal and majestic in all its beauty.
Limbs spiraling toward the heavens.
Great strength in the massive bole,
That has maintained life throughout,
From the root depths to the outer brink.

So too is the love we have shared,
It has reached the highest peaks,
Sustaining us through the years.
Creating a lifetime of devotion,
So blessed is the nectar we drink.

Gayle Davis
March 9, 2003






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Music: "I'm So In Love With You"

Original Song By: Mel Webb
Used With Permission