~ An Hour With You~







I had to go for a long walk today just to get away for a little while,
I found out yesterday never again would I get to see you smile.
No more of those tender moments would I spend in your embrace,
no longer would I be able to look into your eyes or see your gentle face.

There would be no more long sweet kisses between you and I,
not even one last chance to see you and tell you goodbye.
The pain of losing you goes so deep to the very heart of me,
but at least I know you are safe in heaven now and your spirit is free.

Yesterday a Chaplin and someone from the Army came to my front door,
to tell me the person I loved most would not be coming home anymore.
It seems your whole squadron had been hit by a vicious enemy attack,
but how to bear the news you and your buddies will never be coming back.

People talk about all of our fallen heroes who have paid the ultimate price,
I know if all of you had it to do over none of you would even think twice.
I sit home all alone now and I remember all the things you said to me,
about serving was something everyone had to do to keep our country free.

We are so very proud of all of our service men and we know you had to go,
the love each of you had for your country now the whole world will know.
Rest in peace my darling, you will remain forever in my heart,
when called upon by your country all who served have done their part.

Brenda Sparkman
January 31, 2005