~ An Hour With You~

Artist Unknown


  Faith Is The Key

Expect a blessed miracle,
Each time you kneel in prayer,
The one you are speaking to,
Is filled with loving care.

By His stripes we are healed,
'Tis in the Bible that I read,
Let us have the mighty faith,
Of the precious mustard seed.

When we call upon the Lord,
All heaven will pay heed,
If we possess this enduring trust,
God will supply our every need.

Many times I fall short,
As I call upon the Lord,
He hears me when I plead,
Each and every word,

He also see the faith,
I carry with me in prayer,
He knows within my heart,
The belief is just not there.

Oh, the faith of a little child,
Is much greater by far,
It leaps above the doubt,
To soar among the stars.

God help me to obtain,
The goals I am lacking in,
Wipe my heart again Lord,
Removing the "doubtful" sin.

I will strive to have the faith,
Of the tiny mustard seed,
Then the prayers that I pray,
Will produce a developing seed.

Gayle Davis©
January 4, 2004






Music: "I Believe"©

By: Norma Stephenson©
Midi: By Elton Smith
Used With Permission