~ An Hour With You~

Elusive Little Gent

I saw a little man,
Hiding ‘hind a tree,
‘Twas really weird,
He’s not like you or me.

Cutest little chap,
I have ever seen,
And to top it off,
He was dressed all in green.

Funny shaped little hat,
Perched upon his head,
Shoe toes curled up and ‘round,
Matched the hat atop his head.

He was counting coins,
Laid upon the ground,
Picked ‘em up putting them,
In a pot, he had found.

He was such a little thing,
I don’t believe what I see,
He just disappeared inside,
A tiny door in the tree.

Now he’s coming out again,
I hide and watch him close,
He quickly goes scurrying,
O’er a rock covered with moss.

Down the path into a gorge,
I don’t want him to know,
I might see what he’s up to,
He’s heading for a rainbow.

Dutifully he hies along,
Till he comes to the rainbow’s end,
There he put his little pot of gold,
And raced back to his glen.

‘Tis the strangest thing,
I’ve ever happened upon,
For I truly believe,
I saw a leprechaun!!

Gayle Davis
January 15, 2003 ©


Music: "The Kesh Jig"
Taylor'sTraditional Tunebook
Sequenced By: Barry Taylor
Used With Permission