~ An Hour With You~

Easter 2005



Joseph of Arimathaea went to Pilate and
BEGGED the body of Jesus
This verse really began to bug me~~Luke 23:52
“This man went unto Pilate,
and BEGGED the body of Jesus.”

What would Joseph have said to Pilate???
The Bible said he BEGGED the body of Jesus

Perhaps it went something like this:

Pilate, listen to me,
I have but one request,
Let me take Jesus body,
To a place of peaceful rest.

Release his body to me.
It is no use to you.
Let me give Him back some dignity,
After all that He’s been through.

In all his years of teaching
He never caused you any pain,
He taught of Love and forgiveness,
With a Heavenly Home your only gain.

Yes, He healed the crippled,
And caused the Blind to see,
And have you heard of Lazarus??
That was quite a sight to see !!!

He suffer mightily at your hand
And then you washed them free
I’m begging now, you understand,
Please give Jesus to me.

I’ll take Him to a quiet place where
At last He’ll have some Peace.
You can put some Roman guards there
To watch, should crime increase.

A large stone will be placed in front,
No other way to enter.
And I won’t bother you any more,
For Christ is really my center.

There will be no problem, that’s for sure,
Just please release to me
The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords
And you’ll hear no more from me.

On the third day~~~~ Pilate sent for me.
Obviously~~~he was displeased !!!
The ‘Son’ Arose,
The stone rolled away
And Jesus had been seen !!!!!!

How can I e’er explain !!!

Nothing will ever be the same !!!!!









Music: "I Will Greatly Rejoice In The Lord"
Grace Street Music
Words and Music By Richard Blauvelt
Used With Permission