~An Hour With You~

Delicate Treasures

Delicate treasures
Packed in an old cedar chest
Up in Grandma’s dusty attic
Curious to see the treasures within

Opening the lid of the cedar chest
Wrapped in muslin material
Was Grandma’s wedding dress
Yellowed from age, but beautiful

Magnificent pearls given by grandpa
Two rolls of perfect pearls
Grandma wore to church
Every single Sunday morning

A china tea cup and saucer
Adorned with rose and cream roses
Trimmed with the loveliness of gold
Wrapped in a doily made by hand

The same lovely doily Grandma
Sat her beautiful cup and saucer on
Showing the cup and saucers
Luster and great elegances

A magnificent precious candle holder
With a half burnt bees wax candle
Given to her by Grandpa
On their 50th anniversary

Love letters tied with pink ribbon
Holding memories of their love
They had shared for many years
These were their delicate treasures

Stored in a old Cedar Chest
In Grandma's dusty attic
Filled with their undying love

©Donna J. Kramer
Jan. 23, 2005







Music: Memory

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given




Assembled By: Donna