~ An Hour With You~


In the magic of late afternoon,
A sweet reverie glides oíer me,
And I see your face so close to mine,
Daydreaming of a love to be.

Even now loves' power comes aglow,
I see the stars begin to shine,
And within I feel such a magic,
Daydreaming of love seems divine.

And I feel like I exist in time,
Being in this illusionís grand,
I have viewed you from afar and Iím,
Daydreaming that our love will stand.

One day Iíll be your lady so fine,
Youíll love me with all thatís in you,
How I embrace this fantasy now,
Daydreaming of loving you too.

The stars are sweet and clear as can be,
Iím in a daze yet feel true love,
And Iím living in worlds way yonder,
Daydreaming this loveís high above.

In this magic of late afternoon,
Youíll neíer know all the love youíve missed,
Only the sweetest of reveries,
Daydreaming how we loved and kissed.

©Sondra McPherson
January 19, 2005


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By: Mel Webb©
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