~ An Hour With You~


Darling, I love you

Many years together,
Binding love has grown,
Hearts enlacing devotion,
True love has been shown.

I took your hand in mine,
Have held it through the years,
We have shared the happy times,
Held firm in times of tears.

The love we hold for each other,
Grows stronger day by passing day.
We trust upon the heavenly Father,
Faithfully He leads the way.

We have grown older in time,
Age has changed our pace,
Yet the love we have shared,
Is blessed in amazing grace.

I love you so my darling,
Forever it will be this way,
I would not want to face tomorrow,
If you were not with me today.

Gayle Davisİ
February 5, 2005









Music: "With Love"
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Original Composition
Used With Permission