~ An Hour With You~


Christ was nailed to the Cross,
And man put Him there,
The blood droplets fell,
How He showed that He cared.

He bore stripes upon His body,
Thrusting wound in His side,
Crown of thorns piercing His head,
Oh yes, for you and me He died.

Buried in a borrowed cave,
With a stone blocking the door,
The soldiers feared the risen,
Christ was dead no more!

Oh death has no power,
Over the Son of God,
Only our sins so held Him,
As His blood soaked the sod.

His love knows no boundaries,
He proved it on Calvary's Hill,
When upon the rugged Cross,
He ceded to the Father's will.

Our Lord walked upon this earth,
He was no mere mortal.
Christ has risen from the grave,
And ascended to Heaven's Portal,

Jesus waits in the heavens,
He watches over you and me,
Yes, Christ the Lord is Risen,
Through Him you and I are free!

ęGayle Davis
February 24, 2005



Music: "Jesus Is"
Original Songs by MidiSandy
copyrighted" By: Sandra Bradley
Used With Permission