~ An Hour With You~

Childhood Memories

My mind goes back so readily,
To the days spent in the swing,
In the sun on bright days,
Cloudy skies with rain.

Oh Yes, I do recall,
I remember it all so well,
Wind sweeping long hair,
Straight from my ponytail.

Pushing and pumping,
Trying to gain the height,
Free flying with the swing,
I swung with all my might.

I could see the tree tops,
Squirrel nest hidden there,
Birds quietly sitting on twigs,
Tranquil and without care.

I wish I could attain once more,
The life I lived back then,
A child so full of life and love,
Unlike the days I now spend.

Sweet memories I can recall,
I can relive the days of yore,
But the feelings of those times,
Will alas, be nevermore.
Gayle Davis©
January 1, 2005

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