~ An Hour With You~

Beneath my wings Godís angel heralds,
Dying to the flesh brings my song,
To receive Jesus Christ as Savior,
The Glory to Him does belong.

Bearing sins and death for all who live,
He was slain on the Cross as Love,
Glory is the precious Lamb of God,
Sweet resurrection lifeís Above.

Beneath my wings Godís angel heralds,
I watch this Glory of the Lord,
The sweet Redeemer lives and is awed,
Jesus Christ is King and adored.

On the beautiful shore all will meet,
One day in the sweet by and by,
Glory will raise anew another,
Resurrected by God on High.

Beneath my wings Godís angel heralds,
I was there for Him just to save,
Yes angels of God yearned to battle,
But all would languish in deathís grave.

Praises be to God's sweet Promised Gift,
Jesus wept tears of many for all,
For His heart knew from the beginning,
His life given saved all this fall.

©Sondra McPherson
February 17, 2005

Music: "Something More"
Words and Music
Rhesa Siregar, Paul Gentry & Elton Smith
Used With Permission