~ An Hour With You~

Awaken Loved By The King

May you sleep in the arms of Jesus,
Rest peaceful while His angels sing,
A heavenly lullaby Divine,
Oh awaken loved by the King.

May you always know His sweet caress,
And His touch ever so tender,
Be gently enfolded in His love,
Cling to Him in sweet surrender.

May you feel His abiding love flow,
And the warm glow He’ll ever bring,
Refreshed with Jesus yielding sweet peace,
Oh awaken loved by the King.

May you sleep amidst celestial skies,
Knowing Jesus breathes in your cares,
Allow your heart to reach within His,
And sing Him sweet heavenly prayers.

May you rest in the arms of Jesus,
Be freshened and forever cling,
To the heart of our Lord's preciousness,
Oh awaken loved by the King.

©Sondra McPherson
January 10, 2005

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Music playing is "Heavenly Moments"

the composition is copyright © Geoff Anderson
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