~An Hour With You~

Atlanta's Angel

Ashley Smith, Atlanta's Angel
Sent by God to ease the pain
Of a criminal, convicted of
Four deaths, he is to blame.

Even as she plead for her life,
she reasoned
With this person, who had done
Unspeakable crimes within a court room,
No doubt at all he was the one.

It was God's Love she used to reach him;
Lost, alone, hopeless, and grieved,
He had nothing left to live for
Until she told him of Jesus' reprieve.

She told him how he hurt the families
Of those he had brutally murdered there.
She told him how it felt to lose someone,
Her husband had been lost in a way, similar .

She told him that she had a daughter
Who had lost her daddy too,
And would be an orphan left alone
If he should hurt her Mommy too.

Ashley spoke of God's forgiveness
Jesus paid the price for ALL our sin
And that He had a plan including
Brian Nichols; if he would begin

To stop the killing, end the siege,
Turn himself in to the law.
Brian called her his Angel
Sent by God, for at last he saw

All that he must do to end this,
Stop this murderousness rage.
And he gave himself up quietly
Because his angel was so unafraid.

She was chosen for that moment,
All her life had led up to
The time when she could make a difference.
Ashley Smith, You're an Angel, that's true.

Praise the Lord for this great miracle,
We DO serve an AWESOME LORD,
We mourn the deaths of those who were taken,
And Praise The Lord there weren't MORE.





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